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‘Efforts’ vs. ‘Added Sounds’ – Character VO Auditions

I not too long ago had an actor come to me and wished to work privately as there have been some issues that his Agent was criticizing in his animation auditions. This was a high Los Angeles agent who teaches animation, so you’ll suppose that she would know what she meant.

The Agent’s critique of the actor was, “You want extra efforts.” He was continually given this word on animation auditions from this similar Agent. “You want extra efforts,” was all the time her solely critique. This actor requested me what that meant.

Effort SOUNDS is what she meant – however even that was a misunderstanding. The Agent meant that this actor wanted extra ADDED SOUNDS to the textual content for the authenticity of the character. Effort sounds are what are requested largely from online game characters, though animation characters use these sounds as effectively.

Effort sounds are the sounds you make while you choose up one thing heavy, pull one thing weighty in direction of you, or push one thing away that’s hefty. Throwing a punch, taking a punch, and even pulling your physique up the aspect of a cliff are examples of EFFORT SOUNDS.

Animation actors want ‘added sounds’ and ‘effort sounds’ whereas effort sounds are normally requested for particularly. ADDED SOUNDS are the sounds we make once we wish to say one thing you might be pondering – as a substitute, change your thoughts and say one thing else. An added sound is SLID into the phrases in order that we barely discover.


“The place are you going?” may turn into “Ah-where are you.. Eh-going, hm?”

How do you make the added sounds genuine? By including subtext. Say this phrase internally earlier than the added sound line – “that is arduous for me to ask you however…” pondering that you just don’t need the opposite individual to depart –

“Ah-where are you.. eh-going? hm?”

ADDED SOUNDS are made SUBTLELY in order that we barely discover you will have added the sounds. The added sounds are SLID gently into the phrases. Most animation voice actors are scared to do that as a result of nobody ever advised them they may. Come to class and see how we will use your move of musical strains so as to add these sounds in a manner that different actors auditioning by no means would.

Do not forget that your job is to provide us what nobody else can within the audition – not simply to learn strains and sound like everybody else however to sound uniquely like YOU.


Faux to choose up a 5lb weight. Now add 20 lbs to it. Add 20 extra and 20 extra. What sound would you make executing that effort when you did make sounds. These are ‘efforts.’

That Agent’s job may not let her know the distinction between ‘added sounds’ and ‘effort sounds,’ however YOU SHOULD KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. Now you recognize the distinction.

Paul Liberti

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