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Sirk’s Switcheroo in ‘There’s All the time Tomorrow’ 1956

Barbara Stanwyck & Fred MacMurray, as a designer & toy maker, who’re
additionally outdated flames in 1956’s “There’s All the time Tomorrow.”

Director Douglas Sirk actually flipped the script with
1956’s There’s All the time Tomorrow.
Sometimes, Sirk’s cinema forte was slick however subversive cleaning soap operas that
starred 40-sh femme movie divas that confronted life’s adversity and society’s

“There’s All the time Tomorrow” might seem like one other Ross Hunter produced cleaning soap with
 veteran stars, however Douglas Sirk’s essential tackle post-war life cuts by way of the suds.

There’s All the time Tomorrow is sort of a male model of All That Heaven Permits, which Sirk
directed the 12 months earlier than. As a substitute of a likeable however more and more depressing feminine character like Jane Wyman’s small city widow, this time it is Fred MacMurray as
a devoted husband and father who feels trapped by his middle-class existence.
Whereas Wyman’s widow unwittingly creates strife with an affair with a youthful
man, Fred’s toy creator causes suspicion amongst his older youngsters when an outdated
flame involves city on enterprise. In each instances, their youngsters react with
self-centeredness and self-righteousness. And in each movies, the privileged,
overbearing son is performed by William Reynolds! In Heaven, he’s Ned; in Tomorrow,
he’s Vinnie. In each roles, he’s good, as a result of Reynolds’ characters behave
so badly you will wish to toss stuff at your display screen.

Like Jane Wyman in “All That Heaven Permits,” director Douglas Sirk casts
one other likable star, Fred MacMurray, as a personality not content material with their lot in life. 

Whereas there may be an attraction between each MacMurray’s sad
Cliff Groves and Norma Vale, she is extra practical, as an affair would wreck
his blissful household. Norma is performed by Fred’s frequent co-star, Barbara Stanwyck.

Cliff appears to get pleasure from his profession, although he jumps by way of rather a lot
of hoops to please his boss and purchasers; at house he is feeling stressed. Whereas
he loves his spouse and household, Cliff feels second greatest. There’s All the time Tomorrow appears to mock the ’50s sitcom-style household,
the place they appear unbearable at occasions, whereas Fred is affected by an absence of
consideration. Spouse Marion is performed by pretty Joan Bennett. Whereas I am positive she was
directed to behave this manner, Joan’s Marion comes off like a complicated parody of the
glamorous and saintly sitcom spouse of ’50s TV. She’s essentially the most stylish of Stepford Wives, with pat solutions for her
husband’s complaints, treating him like a toddler, insisting he take a scorching bathtub
after a tough day, or that he not keep out within the cool night time air, lest he catch

Joan Bennett, forged as the right spouse, Marion Groves, in “There’s All the time Tomorrow.”

Vinnie is a clear reduce, crew reduce bully, who lords it over his
sisters, snaps at his girlfriend, and takes verbal jabs at his father. Ellen, the
center sister, is performed by Gigi Perreau as a typical precocious ‘50s teen,
girlish with grownup pretensions. The youngest daughter, Frances, appears to wish
all her mom’s consideration and is really annoying. These actors because the Groves
offspring definitely carry out as Sirk directed. Within the showdown scene, when the
two older youngsters confront Stanwyck’s visiting ex-flame, Perreau has an outburst
begging Stanwyck that is fairly hanging.

Gigi Perreau has an emotional second because the daughter,
in 1956’s “There’s All the time Tomorrow.”

In fact, that is Sirk’s sly criticism of post-war good
households, as seen on tv and movie. The truth is, the film would not choose the
father for contemplating an affair in any respect. By the movie’s finale, the household lastly
appears to understand the daddy wants slightly TLC, but Cliff nonetheless appears melancholy
as he sees Norma’s airplane depart within the night sky. She is proven brushing away
tears in her airplane seat.

Fred MacMurray’s Cliff feels re-ignited after reuniting with outdated flame Norma,
performed by Barbara Stanwyck, in 1956’s “There’s All the time Tomorrow.”

Fred MacMurray, usually bland to me, is well-cast because the
preferrred movie father. In lower than 5 years, Fred can be star within the TV fave, My Three Sons, the place he all the time seemed
half asleep. Right here, he is not afraid to be unlikable. Whereas Cliff is an effective man,
it is by no means definitively declared whether or not he has each proper to be irritable at
his house life, or is that this a defective notion? I took it that he sees his
household state of affairs clearly. Did he miss a chance to alter his life for
extra happiness? Or was he about to make a giant mistake, over a boring patch in his
life? Fred has an in-depth character to play and he does so with authority. 

Barbara Stanwyck as Norma Vale in 1956’s “There’s All the time Tomorrow.”
That is one in all Barbara’s greatest middle-aged roles, because the warmly sympathetic ex-flame.

As for Barbara Stanwyck, this function on this movie was a change
of tempo for her. Like her pal and modern, Joan Crawford, Stanwyck
performed quite a lot of powerful cookies from mid-career onward. In contrast to Joan, Barbara did not
change into a caricature. The identical 12 months that Joan had one in all her greatest roles and
movies with Autumn Leaves, Stanwyck
had the identical as Norma Vale in There’s
All the time Tomorrow
. Barbara’s character is genuinely heat and charming,
practical and makes no apologies for being a profession lady. She’s genuinely
fascinated by Cliff’s life and is lastly practical about their attraction
going any additional. Like Crawford, Stanwyck was almost 50 right here. Barbara presents
herself as a classy lady, however not afraid to look her age.

And like Crawford in Autumn Leaves, Stanwyck will get a giant scene in There’s
All the time Tomorrow
to tear into! When Cliff’s youngsters come to confront her,
Stanwyck’s Norma would not grovel for his or her forgiveness, which might have been typical
of the period. As a substitute, the would-be “different lady” rails on the ingrates for
taking their father without any consideration. Barbara is fairly
convincing in her fury!

Barbara Stanwyck’s “different lady” faculties her ex-flame’s kiddies on respecting
their uncared for dad, in 1956’s “There’s All the time Tomorrow.”

There are a variety of scenes the place Douglas Sirk creates temper
and emotion with digicam set ups, symbolism, and extra. The one which surprised me
was when Norma visits Cliff at work, breaking off the potential for an affair.
When she leaves, his newest creation, Rex the Robotic is bumped and begins
mechanically strolling, proper off the display screen!

“There’s All the time Tomorrow” advantages tremendously from having two of the golden period’s
 most naturalistic stars, Fred MacMurray & Barbara Stanwyck, because the mature leads.

Possibly the rationale this movie is lesser identified is as a result of it was
not one in all Sirk’s splashy Technicolor ‘50s extravaganzas. Why wasn’t it
filmed in colour—as a result of it wasn’t about rich people, carrying a parade of Jean
Louis costumes? Was it as a result of there wasn’t a photogenic younger co-star, like
Rock Hudson? Regardless of the case, There’s
All the time Tomorrow
is a fantastically drawn black and white movie, as an alternative of a
vivid film oil portray, directed by Douglas Sirk. Like Sirk’s different work,
there are some ahead pondering observations about mid-century American life.

William Reynolds, who so ably performed the surly son in each
“There’s All the time Tomorrow” AND “All That Heaven Permits.”

Right here’s my have a look at one in all Sirk’s greatest, All That Heaven Permits, with Jane Wyman & Rock Hudson:


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