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Stomach dance costumes – exploring numerous kinds

Arabian dance, identical to the numerous different dance kinds, just isn’t solely in regards to the actions. It has a variety of costumes and equipment just like the sword, the veil and tambourines. They fill the stage with glitter, and are laced with sequins to make an impression in entrance of the general public.

These costumes have been created to make every motion stand out. The very best identified Stomach dance costume could be very sensual, with a pronounced neckline, however not all of them are like that. We now have in different articles checked out what’s stomach dance and well-known stomach dancers – On this article we’ll provide you with a wider style of the heritage and splendour of the numerous dance costumes kinds utilized in Arabian dance.


The essential Bellydance costume:

Belly dance and Arabian dance costumes
Picture by Vidal Balielo Jr. by way of Pexels

The bodice

In accordance with the rhythm that’s carried out, the bodice adjustments. Generally a clear vest is positioned on prime of the bodice. The dancer’s stomach is at all times uncovered in order that her actions could be proven off. There are millions of designs around the globe, often with sequins to shine at the side of the stage lights.


Along with being utilized in rehearsal lessons, they’re additionally utilized in dance or efficiency costumes. These in addition to the bodice are designed in Egyptian material and sequins or lace in accordance with the style of every dancer.

The hips transfer rapidly and with drive in every motion. That’s the reason the belt will need to have garments fastenings within the again, in order that it doesn’t come free whereas dancing. It’s a must to be very cautious about that.


The skirt is the component that provides the softness and elegance to the dance costume, because it has lace on the backside. It may have a brief or lengthy opening at one or each side, however more often than not the skirt should present part of the leg, and never exactly to indicate sensuality. It should be like that so the dancer can transfer with ease across the stage with better confidence.

Turkish and Egyptian Arabian dance costumes

The preferred producers of Arabian dancing costumes are Egypt and Turkey. Nonetheless, every has issues that make them distinctive.

Turkish costumes exude an ethereal high quality, characterised by their airiness, shimmering textures, and noteworthy flexibility. Their development is usually minimalist, incorporating wired frames beneath delicate materials for each belts and bodices. This distinctive design permits costume artisans to craft shaving shapes alongside the sides of those important parts.

The artistry doesn’t stops there; sculptural results adorn the physique of those costume by intricate beadwork and sequins. Three-dimensional marvels come to life as row of sequins are meticulously sewn with bead spacers, forming fascinating floral, butterfly or star patterns.

The pursuit of delicate iridescence is realized by the fragile overlay of sequins. The ensemble is additional elevated by the inclusion of delicate fringes, various in size, bead colours and sizes.

When in comparison with their Egyptian counterparts, Turkish costumes provide not solely aesthetic attraction however practicality as properly. They’re famend for his or her consolation and ease, they usually usually are available full units, with charming sequinned equipment like headbands, hand items and necklets.

However they do have a downside. Whereas many Turkish costume makers have transitioned away from utilizing delicate, simply breakable threads, those that interact in vigorous or frequent dancing could discover themselves perpetually engaged in upkeep.

As for the spectators, with a purpose to actually admire the complete impression of the Turkish costumes, the dancer must be in shut proximity to them. The delicate nuances of the crafted beadwork and overlays could be simply appeared over in an enormous room. Really, they depart a really important impression when proven on a desk or hung in a wall, as thought they have been artworks deserving of admiration.

However, the Egyptian stomach dancing costumes are an embodiment of retro glam and glitter. They’re a whole spectacle, with their glimmer which could be seen from afar. They’ve an innate approach of fascinating the viewers, they usually showcase and improve a dancer’s actions with marvellous precision.

The design and making of those costumes could be equal to that of an Egyptian monument. They’re made to final: the bodices and belts are crafted from closely stiffened, heavyweight buckram, which is adorned with sequins, stones, material, beads and and typically adorned with fringe and beaded fringes.

Egyptian costumes endure the rigours of performances, and keep their type independently. This robustness extends to robes, skirts, veils and all different professional-level equipment hailing from Egypt.

Nonetheless, this opulence comes with a value: altering an Egyptian costume could be very difficult. They’re weighty, have a restricted flexibility and might trigger discomfort and scratching too. Additionally, discovering a well-fitting outfit is usually a troublesome activity. The essential bra is just out there in few kinds and three sizes, so there’s little room for changes.

Raks al shamadan

This dance is also called “candelabra”. It’s usually danced at weddings, and throughout the procession, the dancers and musicians observe the dancer with the candelabra, as in guiding the groom and bride and lightening their approach.

That is danced with both the normal stomach dance costume, or with a full costume with no neckline with lengthy sleeves. Generally, the dancers may put on a veil beneath the candelabra.


The Ghawazee costumes advanced pragmatically, influenced by regional kinds and trend tendencies. Opposite to misconceptions, they resembled on a regular basis Ottoman girls’s apparel, with added hip scarves for dance.


The Maazin sisters, famend for his or her performances, crafted elaborate, heavy skirts to determine their distinctive id. These costumes weighed over thirty kilos, with kinds shifting over time. Ghawazi performers in Luxor, Quene, and Esna wore 1.5″ heels or wedgies. Additionally they creatively used classic Fifties jewelry of their crowns, including allure to their performances.


Beledi means “my house city”. This dance has a definite costume. It’s lengthy, close-fitting and of floor-length. The Beledi costume is accompanied by a shawl on the hip and one other on the top. Its often fabricated from pure fibres (like cotton), giving a really folkloric look. It additionally makes use of glittery material and or sheer, which is used for cabaret stomach dance performances.


Khaleegy Gown

These attire are also called “Saudi Thobe”, and in arabic its known as Thobe al Nasha’ar. It’s used for folkloric dances from the Persian Gulf. It’s a broad, rectangular tunic and the materials are often clear, and have heavy embroidery on the wrist, neck and chest areas, in addition to brilliant gildings and ornaments. It’s accompanied with earrings, necklaces and bracelets.



This costume is the normal garment of Egypt, and its used every day by each ladies and men. It’s a full-length costume, and it’s not at all times used for dancing. Stomach dancers use the Gallabiya to cowl themselves up earlier than or after dancing, whether or not to sustaining some thriller, or to distinguish their performing time to their downtime.

Stomach Dance equipment:

  • Finger Cymbals: In stomach dancing the cymbals are performed by the dancer accompanied by the darbouka. Additionally known as zils, a phrase derived from the Turkish “zilya”, which implies cymbals or zagat, within the Arabic language. These have been sacred devices round 1000 B.C. Utilized in Turkey and from Arabia to Morocco


  • The Sword: this component is used within the dance often known as Raks al Sayf. The sword dance makes use of a sluggish rhythm, such because the masmudi, to execute delicate turns and actions with the sword balanced on completely different elements of the physique akin to the top, hips, bust, stomach or limbs, though sooner rhythms can be included if desired. The sword is an emblem of male energy and due to this fact this dance expresses energy, imposition, precision, and wrestle, so though the dancer dances with grace and sensuality, her expression should accompany the symbolism of energy and defiance.


  • The Veil: Within the West the veil has had a terrific reception, nonetheless the significance given to it relies upon quite a bit on the nation, in Egypt for instance it’s unusual to see dancing with veil, since in some locations within the East its use is interpreted as a form of striptease and due to this fact or don’t use it or do it very briefly, shedding it rapidly to not discomfort the general public. In Lebanon, quite the opposite, it’s given loads of significance and lots of turns and actions are made with it, exploiting to the utmost the chances it gives.

Different identified dance equipment:

  • Silk veil followers
  • Isis wings
  • Candelabra
  • Tambourines
  • Asayas (“canes”)

So hopefully that’s given you a little bit style of the breadth of Arabian dance costumes on the market.

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